World Languages

World Languages

Five Basic Beliefs

1) Student Learning
Our department believes that we can help each student develop skills in the target language and become a better citizen of the world by establishing a well-defined, structured environment in the classroom, by creating an island of linguistic and cultural immersion, by sharing clear short and long term goals, and by providing practical, applicable avenues for student-based learning.

2) Instructional Strategies
Our department believes that with enthusiasm and sincere concern for each child, differentiation and layered instruction, hands-on/manipulative learning, and immersion in the culture, language,and history at the appropriate level, each student will achieve personal growth and academic success. We believe that each language is something that we value, love, and live.

3) Assessments
Our department believes that assessments should be constant and varied with established methods of feedback, based on the three elements of language (speaking, listening, and writing), and should provide a means of reflection, communication, adaptation, and self-analysis fo rstudent progress.

4) Contributing Citizens
Our department believes that application of language and social skills in the community through club activities, service projects, world travel, and participation in cultural activities throughout the area will increase understanding and therefore encourage tolerance, acceptance, and appreciation for others. As teachers, we should model the characteristics of life-long learning, moral integrity, and concern for the community.

5) Professional Collaboration and Development
Our department believes that through integrating instruction with other subject areas, communicating with other language teachers locally, joining state/national organizations, and attending workshops and conventions we can improve ourselves as teachers and improve instruction in the classroom. We believe that we each have unique strengths as educators, and we will support each other to allow for personal growth and professional success.


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