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Media Center Calendar
(Please contact Media Center staff to reserve the space.)     

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Resource Reservation Document 
Lesson Template Document

Student internet permission form

Student internet permission form - Spanish 

Permission to Use Rated Media form  - If you would like to use a movie in your class that is rated R, then you will need to fill out this form to submit to the principal for approval.   
Class sets of full color magazines - See all of our issues!  Each one comes with a teacher's guide, worksheets, and activity ideas.

Pad and Chromebook calendar - See when the Media Center iPads and Chromebooks are signed up to be used.

Directions to create your website in SharpSchool

Directions for using the basic features of Canvas

Use our Scantron machines to quickly grade your multiple choice tests and quizzes. We provide the answer forms for you.  See the machine in action.

We look forward to helping you with your research needs, whether it is pulling together resources for to assist you in teaching a unit, providing resources for your students to use as they research for your class, teaching a mini-lesson for your students on how best to use the research resources, or even assisting you in finding information for your graduate school projects.  Let us know how we can best assist you!   
~ Mrs. Bogle and Mrs. Monteith 
 On this page...
  • Resources you can check out from the Media Center
  • Free resources online - including streaming video
  • Free poster for your room
  • Information and Technology Essential Standards - in a nutshell
  • Link to databases for your use in graduate school

SOS Strategies / New ideas for activities:
(Link works after you have logged into Discovery Ed through NCEdCloud.)


Free poster for your room!  Just ask!5 Ws

Resources available for checkout:

Instructional Resources:
   (The following are able to be searched in Destiny.)
§  Your curriculum's section of books
§  Study prints (Printed pictures large enough for class display)
§  Audio books in Playaway format (mp3 player)
§  DVDs
§  Children’s books for your subject area
§  National Geographic Magazine maps / posters
§  Local history / ALBHS history materials
   (The following are available for you to stop by and browse.)
§  Class sets of novels
§  Back issues of magazines

Technological Resources:
§  Document camera
§  iPads – enough for a class set
§  Chromebooks – enough for a class set
§  iPad connector cable to an LCD projector
§  iPad charging cart
§  Flip video cameras
§  Standard digital cameras
§  Headphones 
§  MimioVotes (student response system) – enough for a class set
§  CD of moving backgrounds for movie-making
§  Portable microphone / speaker
§  LCD projector


Online Resources


Group project peer grading website

Click here for 10 minute videos teaching a tech tool - Taught by national experts

Ideas for assessments beyond standard tests

Rubrics for assessments beyond standard tests   

How to use YouTube video essays in the classroom

For Math and Science teachers:
Simulations!  This is a website recommended by a fellow science teacher and worth a look.   

Full lessons with printables:
Drugs and your body - Great for English, Wonder Block, or science classes


Discovery Ed streaming video

Streaming video content for all subject areas. Email Mrs. Bogle or Mrs. Monteith for the passcode to connect with the ALBHS subscription. Then, click on Passcode/ New User on the Discover Ed page to get started.

PBS Learning Media

Streaming video for all subject areas. Create a free login to see the content.

Free videos from the state of NC

PBS videos and Britannica media are available for streaming and download.

Lesson plans and Lexiled articles

Grolier Online Encyclopedia offers Lexiled non-fiction articles for most subject areas, ready-to-use lesson plans, current events, and more for educators.


Quia is a great program online that allows you to have online practice activities and quizzes for your students.  For all subject areas!
Email Mrs. Bogle for the activation key to connect with the ALBHS subscription. Create an account in Quia, enter the activation key in the yellow field at the top of the page, then email me to let me know that you have connected to ALB.  I will then link your Quia login to your department at ALB.


The power of a Destiny login:

Ask us to create a login for you for Destiny.  You can then do an advanced search for any type of material we own (books, DVDs, etc.), create a list of resources and save it, reserve and hold items for yourself, AND check the status of any student's checkouts.

Add multimedia to your lessons

Don't forget that this website has free music you can add to any lesson or presentation, we have CDs of moving backgrounds that you can check out, and free clip art of sounds and animations are also available in Pixabay.

Information and Technology 
Essential Standards - 

(To be incorporated into all subject areas as much as possible)

Printable version of this document

Working on an advanced degree?

NC provides lots of free databases for research.  This link takes you to the page that lists all of the databases provided just for teacher use.  However, don't miss the EBSCOHost and InfoTrac Gold databases that are also links on this page.  (InfoTrac is the easiest to use with comprehensive information.)

Professional Development from PBS


The Easiest Way to
Level Your Books!

Search more than
50,000 titles by
reading levels, themes, and genres. Plus, use BookAlike® to find books similar to student favorites.

Find and level books »

Student Activities

Interactive units, for whiteboard and classroom computer use that bring learning to life.

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