North Carolina RDS Residency Determination Service

  • Steps to Completing the RDS Process

    Navigating FAFSA and RDS

    A. Students DO RDS FIRST:  
    BEFORE College Admission Applications
    WITH parents if under 24 (RDS MUST have parent(s)’ information)
    Complete FAFSA at the same time --- much of the information is the same

    B. Students GO TO: NC Residency Determination

    STEP 1) Login to RDS using your CFNC User Name and Password (Create an account or RESET, if you can’t remember)
    STEP 2) Update Student Profile (BE ACCURATE – SSN and Date of Birth are critical)
    STEP 3) Do RDS Online Interview (student information and/or parent(s)’ information: 

    *social security numbers (or other identifiable number) *tax return information *vehicle registration *driver’s license *voter registration *other information about residency in North Carolina

STEP 4) Upload documents that RDS requires (RDS tells you if you need documents) 

BE ACCURATE!! Mistakes cause BIG problems in RDS and at the college(s)
  FINISH the RDS Interview OR request is cancelled and student starts over DON’T GUESS!! RDS checks answers with other NC State Agencies Guess/make-up answers = non-resident status SUBMIT DOCS: Student has 25 days. Student is NOT done until RDS has required documents D. RDS Determination Screen – when students finish, they see: RCN Student’s Residency Certification Number (unique identifier that never changes) CLASSIFICATION Student’s is “Resident or Non-resident” AND “In-State or Out-of-state Tuition” DOCUMENTS Most students will not need documents RDS tells student if RDS needs documents and which ones Student UPLOADS or sends to RDS Student has 25 days. Student is NOT done until RDS has required documents E. Student DOES NOT AGREE with RDS determination? Student can: Log in to RDS to review status, residency classification, and check for required documents Correct or enter additional information in a RECONSIDERATION Have 10 days to request an APPEAL (provide special information to prove NC residency) Call RDS toll-free: 844-319-3640  RDS- Possible Needed Documentation and Tips (1).docx

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