Lindsey Walborn

Lindsey Walborn

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Bachelors in Integrated Math Education from Bowling Green State University, 2006

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from UNC-Wilmington, May 2017

National Board Certified in Secondary Mathematics

2006-2014: Math Teacher at AL Brown

2014-2016: Math Teacher at Carson High School

2016- present: Math Teacher and Math Coach at AL Brown

Courses I Have Taught:
Math 1
Math 2
Math 3
Technical Math 1 and 2
Algebra 1
Algebra 2

Educational Philosophy:
I believe that all students can be good at math!  While I know that it does come easier to some, I believe that with good instruction and guidance from myself as the teacher and hard work from the students; they can all be successful.  I also believe that a large part of math instruction is about teaching problem solving and critical thinking, so I challenge students in my classroom to think through problems.  When they are stuck I will provide guiding questions that lead them in the correct direction while still allowing them to solve the problem with their own ideas.

About my Job:

I am lucky to be able to have a hybrid role here at AL Brown this school year.  I teach one block of Math 3 and spend the rest of the day working with teachers to help them grow in their profession.  I work on helping implement new instructional strategies as well as design instructional resources for their use in the classroom.