Haley Campbell

Email - haley.campbell@kcs.k12.nc.us

Educational Background:
A.L. Brown High School 2007-2011
Catawba College (Salisbury, NC) 2011-2015
     Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
     Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

     Block 1 - Strength and Conditioning                                 
     Block 2 - Health and PE                                  
     Block 3 - Health and PE                                  
     Block 4 - Planning/Athletic Training Room    

     Block 1 - Strength and Conditioning
     Block 2 - Planning/Athletic Training Room
     Block 3 - Health and Physical Education
     Block 4 - Sports Medicine

Elevate Parent Newsletters
One of the key components of the TRAIL program is the parent-child connectedness piece and we are trying to get information out to parents for them to be informed on what their child is learning in regards to the TRAIL program.
1-Talking with your Teens (English)
1 - Talking with your Teens (Spanish)
2 -Drugs and Alcohol (English)
2 - Drugs and Alcohol (Spanish)
3-Attitudes to Avoid STDs (English)
3 - Attitudes to Avoid STDs (Spanish
4 - Parent Child Relationship (English)
4 - Parent Child Relationship (Spanish)
5 - Bullying and Peer Pressure (English)
5 - Bullying and Peer Pressure (Spanish)