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Mr. Sharp
Mr. Sharp wants you to read! 

Philosophy: I believe any student can develop an appreciation of the theatre arts. It is simply determining what part of theatre they appreciate, and honing in on it. When students walk into my class, they know they are in a safe space. Their peers will not judge them, and neither will I. The students that participate in theatre will learn how to own their work, so that they feel accomplished when they achieve a goal. Bottom line, no student will come into my classroom feeling like they can't be themselves. We welcome everyone in my room. 

Fall 2016 
1st Block-Beginning Theatre
2nd Block- Planning
3rd Block- Intermediate Theatre
4th- Advanced Theatre

Spring 2017
1st Block- Proficient Theatre
2nd Block- Beginning Theatre
3rd Block- Planning
4th Block- Musical Theatre


What We Are Doing in Class!:
1st Block- Beginning Theatre: This class is currently working on playwriting. Learning tips on how to create scenes, characters, settings, and conflicts between characters. They are working towards a 15 minute (or page) play for their final assessment. 
3rd Block- Intermediate Theatre: The students are working on a 25 minute play with partners that will have a staged reading of each play in the Blackbox!  
4th Block- Advanced Theatre- We are currently working on different acting techniques. 

Educational Biography: 
Mr. Sharp has been doing theatre since he can remember. He attended, and graduated, from Kings Mountain High School in 2010. He went on to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and graduated in 2015 with a BFA Theatre Education degree with minors in Political Science and US History. 

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