Eduel Atkins
Eduel Atkins

Wonder Mathletes:  Problem-Solving Math

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Fall 2016 Schedule
1st Block:  Discrete Math
2nd Block:  Discrete math
3rd Block:  Planning
4th Block:  Discrete Math

Educational Biography:
1995; Bachelor of Science; Pensacola Christian College
1999; Master of Sports Science; United States Sports Academy
2006; Secondary Math Teaching; University of North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina State University, Central Piedmont Community College, and Converse College

North Carolina Teaching Licensures: 
* Secondary Math
* Physical Education
* Health
* Sports Medicine
Educational Experience:
PE teacher, 1995-2003
Secondary Math teacher, 2003-2015
Most frequently taught math course: 
Advanced Functions and Modeling
Favorite math course to teach: 
Discrete Math
Educational Philosophy:
* Everyone can learn
* When given opportunity and support, students will rise to the level of your expectations
* Success in the classroom (and in life) comes from doing your best, following directions, and having respect.

What My Classes Are Doing:
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