Sean Pitchford

Welcome to World History!

Class Schedule:
      1st Semester                             2nd Semester
1st  - Planning                           1st - Planning
2nd - Honors World History         2nd - World History
3rd - Civics & Economics         3rd - World History
4th - World History           4th - Civics and Economics

Educational Accomplishments:

Bachelors of Art in History - UNC Charlotte
Minors in Political Science and Secondary Education

Educational Philosophy:

I strongly believe that each student is capable of learning. This can be achieved through rigorous lessons that connect the past to current day. Why it matters and how it is relevant to our students lives is just as important as the information itself. I also aim to engage students through the use of technology in the classroom, which prepares them for the ever increasing challenge of the technological and globalized world before them. 

Sean-Patrick Pitchford