Norma Alava


 Norma Alava  Educational Biography: 
I completed four years of education at Central University Specialization in Biology and Chemistry in Ecuador. 
I completed two years at UNCC in order to get my Spanish license.
I am certified to teach k-12 foreign language.


 Fall 2016
1st Block -  Planning
2nd Block - Spanish I
Wonder Block
3rd Block - Spanish I
4th Block - Spanish I
      Spring 2017
     1st Block - Planning
     2nd Block -Spanish II
     wonder Block
     3rd Block - Spanish II
     4th Block - Spanish II

Educational Experiences: 
I have been teaching for almost 23 years. 
I teach Spanish 1& 2.
I'm from Ecuador and I've lived in the U.S. for 19 years, 12 of them I've spent working at A.L.Brown H.S.

Educational Philosophy:
It is necessary to teach the child so as not to punish the adult.

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phone: 704-932-6125   ext. 25202

¿Qué estamos haciendo en Español I?

What are we doing in Spanish I?
We are working on unit three. The students are learning about school supplies what they have and what they need. talking about plans. In grammar they are learning the conjugation of present tense -ar,-er, -ir regular verbs. Also Irregular yo form of some verbs: hacer, poner, tener, venir, etc.