Trent Wharton

Trent Wharton  Welcome to Earth/ Environmental Science 

Schedule  Fall Schedule:
1st block: Honors E/E Science
2nd Block: planning
3rd Block: E/E Science
4th Block: E/E Science

Spring Schedule
1st block: planning
2nd Block: AP EES Science
3rd Block: E/E Science
4th Block: E/E Science

Education Biography

A.A.S, Criminal Justice, Central Piedmont Community College
B.S., Mortuary Science, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science
Certified in:
High School Science
Middle grades science
Middle grades social studies

Educational Experience
Taught 3 years at Lexington Middle School, Lexington, NC
Taught at AL Brown since 2013

Sponsor of AL Brown Environmental Club

Educational Philosophy

“Courage will now be your best defense against the storm that is at hand-—that and such hope as I bring.”~Gandalf

J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

In the beginning I began teaching as a second career. I wanted to do something meaningful and memorable. As I have voyaged on into my teaching career I have found no other quote to uphold the lives of our students and what I try to bring to it. These are both the most memorable and scariest times to a rising adult. I have made it a point with my life to instill in students the tools for success both in and out of science, to bring them positivity and hope for their bright futures.

What we're doing this month

*geologic process

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