Joseph Watson

Joseph Watson 

Welcome to Spanish Class!

Educational Biography:
Bachelor of the Arts

NC Certifications:

Educational Experience and Philosophy: I taught Spanish my first 12 years of teaching. In 2013, I came to A.L. Brown as an ESL teacher. In the Fall of 2015, I began teaching Spanish again this year. I love being with my students and colleagues. I believe that students can experience success through personal effort and support from parents and teachers.

Fall 2015
1st Block  -Planning
2nd Block - Spanish 2
3rd Block  - Spanish 1
4th Block  - Spanish 1

Spring 2016
1st Block  - Planning
2nd Block - Spanish 1
3rd Block  - Spanish 1
4th Block  - Spanish 2

This month: We will work on basic vocabulary and grammar topics.

704-932-6125 ext. 25204