Jacob Wilkerson

Jacob Wilkerson    If all the world is a stage, then English class is a glimpse behind the scenes, and Mr. Wilkerson will be your tour guide.

BA in English, University of Florida

MAT for Secondary English, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Taught for 2 years in Florida

Taught at A.L. Brown since August 2008

2013 Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History Summer Scholar

Academic Team Coach


It is the job of the educational system to provide young people with the tools necessary to be successful as adults; this includes their professional, personal, and interpersonal lives. As a part of that system, I am responsible for endowing my students with a subset of tools that are best relayed through my content - English. I must teach them to be analytical readers and clear, concise, and correct writers.  These are both valuable skills to any successful professional. I must teach them to be reflective and to appreciate great works, which will enhance their private life.  I must also teach them to wear the shoes of others and see different points of view, an ability that will create limitless opportunities for new and enduring relationships.



1st Block: Creative Writing

2nd Block: English IV Honors

3rd Block: English IV


What We're doing This Month:

Creative Writing: 

Eng. IV Honors:

Eng. IV:
-The Canterbury Tales