Lynn Dwyer



Fall 2016-17
1st. Block Biomedical Technology II
2nd Block Biomedical Technology II
3rd Block - Plan
4th Block Health Science I (Honors and Regular)

Spring 2016-17
1st Block BioMedical Technology II
2nd Block Health Science II
3rd Block - Plan
4th Block Health Science I (Honors and Regular)

Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing diploma in nursing 
Bachelors in Nursing through Wingate University 
Masters in Nursing Education through Chamberlain College of Nursing 
Certification as a Nurse Legal Consultant
Member Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society
Certificate as a Faith Community Nurse

Educational Experiences: 
I am in my 12th year of teaching 
Club advisor for HOSA
I teach Biomedical Technology II and Health Science I.  BioMedical Technology II is a pilot course with many of the curriculum components written by the National Institutes for Health. 

Health Science I is the study of the structure, function and diseases of our body systems. The students experience each system through lecture, video, images, and projects.  The course is designed for sophomores and/or juniors as a pre-requisite to Health Science II.

Educational Philosophy
I believe in offering my students a favorable and positive educational experience while expecting them to develop and heighten their ability to think critically.

Current Information:
Students in Health Science I study all body systems, how they are structured and how they function as well as associated diseases and their treatments.

Students in BioMedical Technology II study BioEthics, Neurobiology and Addiction, Sleep and Sleep Disorders, Genetics, Medical Technology and Medical Evolution.

Additional Information: 
Telephone number: 704-932-6125 Ext. 25306