The custodial staff at A. L. Brown has the responsibility of keeping the school clean and in great shape. Our custodians do an excellent job of this. 

Larry Mesimer, Head Custodian

Educational Biography:

I was the maintenance director for Kannapolis City Schools for 20 years. (1980-2006)
I drove a school bus for KCS from 2006-2010, until I came back to work at A. L. Brown in May of 2010.
I have been married to my wife Barbara for 48 years. I have a son, David, and daughter, Ashely. I also have three grandchildren.

Additional Information:

I worked for Litaker Electric from 1962-1972, doing electrical work for KCS.
I then worked for Boddie-Noell Enterprises (Hardees Franchise) from 1972-1980, installing equipment in their restaurants.
I have state electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and refrigeration licenses.
"The characer of a person is doing what's right when no one is looking."

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