Congratulations Mr. Efird- Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Mr. Efird- ALB Teacher of the Year
Posted on 04/18/2018
Mr. EfirdCongratulations to Mr. Larry Efird, on being selected as the 2018 ALB Teacher of the Year. Mr. Efird is the perfect example of what a teacher should be; compassionate, driven, student centered, and a WONDERful person inside and out! Graduating from ALB in 1973 and a WONDER all of his life, he had no choice but to be WONDERful and successful! 

Mr. Efird began his teaching career in Georgia in 1979. After a few years of teaching, he entered seminary in Dallas, Texas,  attending Dallas Theological Seminary for 4 years. After graduating, he served as a youth pastor for 6 years. Though he loved the job, he missed teaching, and he moved from Texas to Mississippi, then to North Carolina. In 1991 he began teaching at Charlotte Christian School. 

Mr. Efird came to Brown in 2007. Since arriving in his alma mater he has left his mark on many that have crossed his path. One of his major projects that touches everyone attending events at ALB and in the KPAC, is the art display in the social room. Mr. Efird worked diligently to display new art samples in this area to represent the school and community for all to see.
On any given day you will see Mr. Efird donning his Kannapolis green attire, whether it be his kelly green dress sweater, his shirt and K coverd tie, or his green oxford shirt and khakis, he always carries along his welcoming smile and his Ktown pride. 

Not only is he a WONDERful teacher, but he is an awesome family man as well. Married for 41 years he has 3 grown children; 2 married sons and 1 daughter who is currently working on her PhD. He also has 4 grandchildren. 

When asked what his favorite part about teaching is, his response is "being with kids- relationships, content, the people I work with, the school atmosphere, the events, the way of life". Mr. Efird truly lives what he teaches, where he teaches, the students he teaches and that teach him! 

The hardest part of his job? "Feeling like I can do better, all of the time". 

One bit of advice for students from Mr. Efird? "Choose a career that you are passionate about that you could potentially enjoy. Find something you like to get out bed and enjoy doing everyday". 

It is easy to see from what he wears,  the from the smile on his face, to his welcoming demeanor, that Mr. Efird enjoys his job, his students, and AL Brown. It is just as clear that all of us enjoy having him here just as much. He is as much a part of AL Brown as the K in the courtyard. 

Congratulations Mr. Efird, on a very well deserved Teacher of the Year recognition. 

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